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About Practice Quran

Practice Quran provide the best experienced young teachers, male and female, who are available to assist anyone in learning the Holy Quran online and Islamic studies if required. With our helpful 1 to 1 live interactive Quran practice classes, we welcome all the students of any age from anywhere around the world to gain such an important study which will help them in the their lives and in the life hereafter, InshaAllah. We also provide with flexible timing to suit your schedule for learning. With great trust and pride, Practice Quran gives everyone a chance to learn Al Quran and expand their knowledge of Islam.

Practice Quran Online Educational Services:

  • Hifz Al Quran
  • Noorani Qaida for beginners
  • Quran learning with Tajweed.
  • 6 Kalmas
  • Hadees e Qudsi
  • Method of Ghusal, Wudhu, Funeral & Eid Prayers.
  • Memorization of various Duas & Surahs for Nazra Students.
  • Basic Aqaa’id, Fiqh, Islamic, History, Sunnah, Etiquettes, Halal & Haram etc.

Practice Quran unique features:

  • Online Quran learning. With or Without trial
  • Qualified Male and Female Qari/a for perfect Quran Learning
  • Post graduate staff who are trained to teach Al Quran with Tajweed (correct pronunciation) and Noorani Qaidah
  • Our staff is well versed in English language (University Graduates) to explain better especially to American and, European born Students and their families
  • Live 1 To 1 classes
  • An option to learn by Qirat (recitation)
  • Religious A’alims to guide you about how to becoming a hafiz (Memorization of Quran by heart) and to help you revise the hifz (memorization).
  • Our very own interactive website which have all the necessary information and infrastructure for your learning. So no need for other software, exploring other websites or other downloading. All resources under one roof or PracticeQuran.COM
  • We have world-wide resources to cater the learning needs of students around the globe. We set our schedules at your own convenience with your consent.